Responsive Mobile Web Design Can Help Boost Your SERP On Mobile Searches

boost SERP responsive web design

In the early 1990’s when cell phones first appeared on the market in Panama City Beach, Florida they were big, bulky, short battery life and did nothing more than making a phone call, however, today 22 years later cell phones have evolved from analog to digital and merged with the internet to provide people instant information anywhere. Google states as of April 2015, approximately 50% of world wide internet traffic is now on mobile devices and growing yearly. As a result, Google is now requiring websites to be mobile friendly or risk being penalized on mobile searches.

Bootstrap is the future of web design and fairly new so there isn’t a lot of installable GUI programs on the market to purchase. In fact, there is not a lot of tutorials on the internet to help one learn how to write the code. GitHub is an online resource for lots of plugins and is definitely worth checking out.

I would definitely recommend learning CSS, Javascript and HTML5 so you have an advantage of learning this new way of responsive web design. Here at we are now offering this new technology in addition to the state of the art ecommerce solutions helping you sell your products online.

We now offer a combination of video and social media marketing in Panama City Beach, Florida to help increase the sales of your products or services so call us today and our team of experts in Columbus, GA can help you get started on your marketing campaign.


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