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Drone photographers in Panama City Beach, Florida know there are 12 intelligent flight modes on the Phantom 4 drone and with the new stabilization system make this UAV a great choice for professional aerial photographers shooting 4K high definition video. Sometimes making complex maneuvers trying to capture that perfect scenery can require 3 hands but with the intelligent flight modes drone pilots can perform this with ease. For example, trying to fly up with the left stick and backwards with the right stick while slowly tilting the gimbal camera down can be rather difficult. This article will expain in details the 12 different intelligent flight modes on the Phantom 4 drone.

Active Track

Active track is an interesting feature for drone photographers in Panama City Beach, Florida. If you want the drone to follow a moving object on the ground such as a car or person, choosing this mode will allow you to just simply tap the object on the screen, click go and the Phantom 4 will follow it. While in this mode you don’t need to be holding the controller. You can avoid obstacles automatically while following behind or in front of a moving object in trace setting. Spotlight keeps the camera on the object while the drone flies anywhere. Profile allows the drone to fly alongside an object at different angles to get profile shots of the object.


In this mode you can draw a path on the screen with your finger and the Phantom 4 will fly the set path. Free and forward are two other settings within this mode. The free mode setting allows the drone to follow the set path however you will have full control of the tilt and direction of the camera. The forward mode allows the drone to follow the path however you will be able to only move the camera tilt on the camera gimbal.


TapFly forward allows you to tap the screen in the selected forward or backward direction. The TapFly free setting locks the forward direction of the drone while allowing the gimbal camera to turn as it’s flying forward or backward.


In this mode you can get the drones attention by waving your arms around in the air and then have the drone take your picture by holding your arms out and then bring them together to make a square with your hands. You have around three seconds to make a perfect pose or start all over again.


This mode limits the flight speed of the Phantom 4 to about 4 miles per hour and reduces the sensitivity of the remote controller sticks which helps for slow precision flying. This help when you are flying indoors where GPS signals are typically weak. This also helps when you need accurate cinematic photo shots or when flying in tight spaces such as flying close around a house for real estate aerial photography purposes. Also good for beginner drone pilots because the controls are less quick to react and prevents crashes. If you want to fly close to something in tripod mode, I recommend disabling the obstacle avoidance sensors so the drone won’t think it’s too close to something and stop. This setting is in the menu listed under the sensor settings.

Point of Interest

Point of interest is another interesting feature that drone photographers in Panama City Beach, Florida should know. If you are a drone pilot in Columbus GA not only providing aerial videos and aerial photography but video editing and production with special effects and background music, then you will need to buy a software program for this as well. The one for Windows I recommend is Adobe Photoshop for photos and Adobe Premiere for video editing and rendering. Of course the price goes up if you include your time for video production so this can be quite lucrative.


In this mode you can tap different fixed points on the screen and the drone will fly to each fixed points sequentially until the last one is reached and stop. You have three different settings to choose while flying the waypoint set paths. Free setting allows the Phantom 4 to follow the waypoints however you have the ability to move the gimbal camera around. Route Linked heading follows the set path while keeping the gimbal camera pointing forward all the time. The adjustable heading allows the drone to follow the set path but cuts corners to do nice sweeping turns.

Terrain Follow

If you want to fly over a terrain, the sensors are used to read the ground terrain which enables the Phantom 4 to keep a certain altitude above the ground as it moves forward. The terrain mode only works automatically flying up a hill and does not follow the terrain flying down a hill so the drone pilot has to manually lower the altitude.

Course Lock

The course lock mode allows you to fly through narrow areas in a straight line while constantly focusing on an object. You keep the gimbal camera pointed at moving objects or scenes as you are flying past it. This helps you get fantastic fly by video while not having to constantly change the path of travel.

Cinematic Mode

This mode is similar to the tripod mode however the speed restrictions are not as bad. It also give more latency to the input controls which gives you more smooth flight maneuvering by adding about 3 meters to your breaking distance. You may have to practice a few times however the results are amazingly smooth.


With the 12 intelligent flight modes of the Phantom 4 drone pilots in Panama City Beach, Florida can perform more complex aerial maneuvers while filming cinematic photography and videos. Practice makes perfect so get out there and fly your drone but remember to always keep your aircraft above the trees and fly safely.

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