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Risner Web Design, located in Panama City Beach Florida, is a leader in internet marketing for many years with our innovative and proven method of helping businesses achieve their goals. Providing great quality content about your products or services and knowing where to market this information online is the key to successful internet marketing.

Before considering the internet marketing process, I recommend performing on page SEO (search engine optimization) on your website otherwise it could be rather difficult to obtain your goals. See our on page SEO for more information.

Web designers in Panama City Beach, Florida know internet marketing or off page SEO is comprised various methods and tactics to improve your SERP and visibility on major search engines. Implementing this process can often be confusing and wondering where to start. First, decide if you want expensive and quick or inexpensive which takes time and hard work. Below is a more in depth look at these 2 methods.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is Google's advertising method that allow advertisers to bid on targeted keywords in order to have their clickable ads appear in Google's search results. Competitive keywords are much more expensive than long tail keywords so every time someone clicks on your Google Ad, it can cost from a few dollars to several hundred dollars.

Social Media & Video Marketing

There are many social media sites with high domain authority which provides excellent backlinks for your website. Write original fresh articles with good quality content making sure to include your targeted keywords in the articles as anchor text which is basically hyperlinked text pointing back to your website pages to give them more page authority. Most social media sites allow you to embed videos along with your article which engages users alot more effectively than text alone. As other social media users share and follow the articles you created, your backlinks increase exponentially. The number of high quality backlinks pointing to your website determines it's page and domain authority.

Youtube is now owned by Google and if your video is optimized correctly with keywords in the title and description, it can show up in Google search results. As mentioned above, this process take alot of time and could take up to 3 months or more before any positive results are seen in your search engine ranking.

So in conclusion, unless you have deep pockets for Google AdWords, performing your own internet marketing would be the best choice.

Traffic Analysis

Now you probably want to monitor your traffic and see if your hard work paid off and acquired anymore incoming links to your website such as the ones you setup initially from your social media, video and blog business pages. Sign up for a free Google Webmasters account and generate an html tracking code to embed in your website pages. This will allow Google to give you analytical statistical reports showing all incoming links to your website in addition to what keywords Googlebot is picking up and their dominance as well. If your targeted keywords isn’t showing up, you will have to make sure word content on all your web pages contain 3% keyword density. .

If you are a business in Panama City Beach, Florida, give us a call today and let us implement an internet marketing campaign to insure your online business will exceed your expectations.

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