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Internet Marketing Tips

Imagine the fierce competition for companies in Panama City Beach, Florida selling their products or services on the internet and the amount of money spent on web design, SEO and internet marketing. Your success is determined by the expertise of the company you hire so how can you be sure you’ve made the right decision? First of all, do research on the potential internet marketing company you wish to hire. Some things to look for are listed below.

Factors to Consider When Hiring an Internet Marketing Company In Panama City Beach, Florida

  • Talk to some of their past clients for good or bad recommendations
  • How long in business and are they helpful in answering your questions?
  • Do their past clients have a good ranking on Google searches?
  • Does their marketing campaign include promo videos?
  • Do they promise your website will be on page one of Google in a short time frame?
  • Do they respond in a quick matter of time to your emails or phone calls?

On many occasions I’ve talked with customers in Panama City Beach, Florida who wasted time and money on internet marketing companies who promised the moon and delivered little. This marketing process is about informing surfers on the internet learn how your products or services can help them in everyday life. Writing blog articles is a good start but sometimes text and photos alone are not sufficient to grab a customer’s attention so a good internet marketing campaign should include promo videos as well. In my opinon, there is no other better way to show your products or services in action than a video.

We all know search engines have long replaced the phone book yellow pages and people now look on Google for their needs so businesses must have an online presence in order to succeed. Online marketing requires a much smaller budget than TV or radio stations in Columbus, GA and typically generates a steady stream of customers.

Methods of Internet Marketing

Small businesses have a wide variety of internet marketing options such as Google pay per click, SEO (search engines optimization), email marketing, video and social media marketing.

Search engine optimization

SEO is the method of getting your website to show up in search engines organically as opposed to paid ads. Obviously if your website is on the first page of Google for searches relating to your products or services, it means you have a great SERP (search engine results page) ranking which results in more sales. SEO is a good investment a small business owner can make for their internet marketing campaign. A good organic ranking can generally take between 6 to 9 months compared to Google pay per click which is a matter of days but cost more in the long run.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing uses sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube and Tumblr to reach their targeted audiences by writing blog articles or promo videos about your services or products. This type of marketing allows businesses in Columbus, GA to communicate with their customers compared to other methods of digital marketing. Facebook is an example where people can message you about your products or services.

The advantage of social media marketing is that it can be implemented for little to no cost because it simply requires creating a business page with content about what your company offers. This content allows you to have backlinks going to your website pages giving them more page authority for better ranking.

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