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Real Estate Drone Photograpers Guide 2019

real estate photographers guide 2019

Real estate drone photography in Panama City Beach, Florida is being used more today to show better views of properties with large acres. This can be rather expensive for realtors since most drone photographers charge a lot. Real estate agents have to pay a monthly fee to be on the brokers team and are on a tight budget so a few hundred dollars for a drone photo shoot is out of the question. If the realtor doesn’t sell a home, the money paid for this photography takes him in the hole financially. Multiply this over several homes and you see where this is going. This is something you might want to consider if you’re thinking about real estate drone photography in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Also demographics will play a significant role in the demand for your drone services. Unless your business is in a city with plenty of homes for sale, you’re going to fail. Another factor is how many other drone photographers would you have to compete with? How much money are you willing to spend for marketing to ensure your business can be found in Google searches? How established are existing drone companies in your targeted city? May take months or even years to get ahead of your competitors. In other words don’t quit your existing job until you are well established.

Real Estate Drone Photography And What You Need To Know

If you are a real estate agent in Panama City Beach, FloridaA and choose to do the drone photography yourself, there is a considerable time needed to learn how to fly the drone. Always take more footage than needed to ensure you have enough good photography for your listing. Will you have to outsource someone to perform the video editing? If you are selling a very expensive home, it might be worth it to hire a professional drone photographer but not for an inexpensive basic home.

If you hire a professional drone pilot, expect to pay around $200 to $300 for one to 9 photos and $400 to $900 for a 5 minute video. This price will vary based on the photo shoot difficulty, skill of the photographer, and location. Amount will not include video editing which could be another $300 to $500. I recommend you view some of their work done for past clients before considering any drone photographer in Panama City Beach, Florida. Touch base with other realtors in your area to find out which drone pilots they recommend. How many years in real estate photography business? Also make sure your drone pilot has a part 107 license and adequately insured.

The Best Drones For Real Estate Photography

In my opinion the best drone for performing real estate photos and videos is the DJI Phantom 4 which unfortunately is the most expensive. Expect to pay around $1200 or more depending on which model of the Phantom 4 you purchase. All have 4K HD video and photos but the pro model has collision sensors all around and advanced model has collision sensors only in the front so flying backwards or sideways can result in crashing into something. The new FIMI X8 SE drone is the second one I would recommend and comes close to the Phantom 4 in features but at half the price. Currently there are no repair centers in the USA for the FIMI however DJI has a repair center for the Phantom drones in California. See our article on the FIMI X8 SE drone here. Keep in mind these two drones only come with one battery which will give you approximately 25 minutes of flying time so make sure to purchase additional batteries.

Advantages Of Real Estate Drone Photography

The primary factor of utilizing drone photography is in land listings which can showcase what the property looks like instead of blurry Google satellite images and areas not accessible. Drone videos gives the potential buyer a better perspective on the property where still photos can be be rather boring.

Drone aerial photos captures different angles of the property and shows off the grounds including roof, pool, landscaping and much more. This is a great benefit because it gives the potential home buyer a realistic view of the entire property.


One thing to consider if you are going to edit your own videos is the 4K resolution. You will need a more powerful computer for video rendering. I would suggest a quad core processor or better with at least 16GB of memory and solid state drive.

As you can tell from this article there are a lot of factors to consider if you are a real estate agent looking to hire a drone photographer in Columbus GA or planning to do drone photos yourself.

One last thing to mention is if you are planning to purchase a Phantom 4 drone, all of Panama City Beach, Florida up to highway 315 is a no fly zone and you will need permission to fly in this area. The FIMI X8 SE has a little more flexibility in this same area without getting flight permission but depends how close you are to the airport.

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