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Real Estate Photography Services Panama City Beach, Florida

Obviously real estate agents in Panama City Beach, Florida are very competitive and providing excellent photography can give agents the edge needed to possibly sell more property. Being a real estate photographer in Panama City Beach, Florida for many years I have observed most agents operate on a shoe string budget and can’t afford professional photographers unless you are one of those agents selling a lot of expensive homes. For this reason most agents become part time photographers and take their own photos. Risner Web Design provides provides professional real estate photography at affordable prices so we can work within your budget. Call us today 706 457-6876 and our experienced photographers will take care of all your needs.

real estate photography services Columbus Ga

Risner Web Design is a veteran owned business and over the last several years provided affordable professional photography and videography to many real estate companies in Panama City Beach, Florida. Visit our real estate portfolio to see examples of our work. We also offer drone photos and UHD videos as well. For those real estate agents looking to improve their photography skills read the article below.

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Success at being an accomplished professional real estate photographer in Panama City Beach, Florida is knowing what kind of camera to use and how to use it in various lighting environments. Shooting outside in the sunlight is always best because natural light is ideal for quality photography. Indoor photography is frequently going to be a struggle for most photographers to get perfect lighting for real estate images. There are various methods to compensate for insufficient indoor lighting and this article will cover each one in detail.

How to Set ISO For Best Real Estate Photography

understanding photography iso

Excellent real estate photography is learning one of the three most important settings of your DSLR camera which is ISO and the other two is aperture and shutter speed. An incorrect ISO setting, which controls the brightness or darkness of your photos, can dramatically affect the quality of your images. Your photography will increase in brightness as you increase the ISO number and for this reason, it can help you capture photos in dark environments and allow you to be more flexible in your shutter speed and aperture settings.

The consequence of increasing your ISO too much can result in grainy photography with a lot of noise and be unusable. As a last resort real estate photographers in Panama City Beach, Florida should only raise the ISO if you are unable to brighten the photo using the aperture and shutter speed settings. Real estate photographers in Panama City Beach, Florida should always use the lowest ISO of your camera which is usually 100 or 200 if there is ample indoor lighting to minimize noise and grain in your photography. There are photography situations when a professional real estate photographer could use a low number in dark or dim environments but this would require a tripod because you would have to decrease your shutter speed to let more light in. A longer shutter speed could possibly pickup on camera shake resulting in a blurred image if not on a tripod.

So in what situation would a professional real estate photographer in Columbus GA have to use a higher ISO? If you had to shoot an image moving ultra fast like a bird, you would need a fast shutter speed in the range of 1/2000th of a second which is going to let in light to the lens for a very short time resulting in you needing more light by increasing your ISO to around 800 or more to compensate for this.

Aperture Guide in Photography

photography aperture guide

Some real estate photographers in Panama City Beach, Florida have problems with basics and fundamental concepts of photography exposure resulting in frustration of the ability to take quality real estate photos. This article is to help real estate photographers unlock the most important of the three aspects of photography called the aperture, the other two being shutter speed and ISO. The aperture affects many different variables of a photo by adding dimension to your photographs by blurring the background and also changes the exposure of your photos by making them darker or brighter.

Aperture is the closing and opening of the lens which is like a hole that expands or shrinks controlling the amount of light entering the camera image sensor. A larger aperture opening like F4 passes a lot of light to the camera sensor making your photograph brighter and a smaller aperture like F12 allows less light making your photo darker. A larger aperture is generally used for portraits so the background is blurred and the person is crisp and clear. Aperture numbers can be confusing to photographers in Panama City Beach, Florida since small number like F4 has a large aperture with a wide opening where large numbers like F12 is a small aperture with a small opening letting less light in. It is less confusing if you think of aperture numbers as a fraction. If you want a larger depth of field with more detail from front to back, use small apertures like F16 or F32. A small aperture (larger f-stops) results in a larger depth of field while a large aperture (smaller f-stops) results in a smaller depth of field.

Photography Shutter Speed Settings

photography shutter speed

Most real estate photographers in Columbus GA know the camera shutter speed settings is like a door that opens for a period of time in front of the camera sensor letting light in and then closes immediately stopping light from hitting the camera sensor. If you leave the shutter open for a long time, photographers will have motion blur with fast moving objects like a waterfall. If shutter speeds are under a second, they are measure in fractions like ¼ means quarter of a second. Most mirrorless and DSLR cameras have shutter speeds up to 1/5000th of a second or more and as low as 30 seconds.

The shutter has a direct result on exposure and brightness which means the long shutter speed exposes a lot of to the camera sensor and short shutter speed allows only a small fraction of light causing a darker photo. Generally a faster shutter speed is used to capture fast moving objects like a bird in flight while most real estate photography of still objects require a slower shutter speed. At extreme slow shutter speeds you need to use a tripod to eliminate image blur.


After going over the three major camera settings, most of the time real estate photography in Panama City Beach, Florida will be indoors where lighting may be sufficient and adjust these settings when necessary to get the best possible images. If the indoor lighting if not sufficient, I suggest purchasing a high speed flash for your DSLR camera. Most high speed flashes have a power level to adjust for the different levels of lighting in a room. Having owned a Nikon DSLR for some time, it doesn’t matter how good you adjust the ISO, aperture and shutter speed, the images don’t come out of the camera magazine quality so I use real estate photography software to digitally enhance photos to make them more magazine quality.

One thing I forgot to mention is HDR (high dynamic range) bracketing which is new to real estate photography and is a method of taking three or more photos of the same image with different shutter speeds keeping the ISO and aperture the same setting. One photo you adjust the shutter speed for two stops under exposure and second photo with medium exposure and third photo with two stops over exposure. When you import these three photos into your real estate photography HDR software, it blends the three photos together picking out the best exposure on each photo and creates a final photo. It is best to use a tripod when doing HDR bracketing since all three photos have to be in the same position. Good luck with your real estate photography in Panama City Beach, Florida!

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